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Original makers of Fufu Toma (White Kente - first ever Kente to have been made.

Well trained Tour Guides in Adanwomase and visitors to the community testify to hassle free tour.

Tour Guides can help in pick up, accomodation (homestay or hostel), purchases and day to day activities whilst you are in the community.

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Each and every color in Kente has a meaning and these colors are selected for a reason.

Kente Colors and their meanings.

We are one of the leading auto repair companies.

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At such a short distance away from Kumasi, this is a great village to visit! NOBODY hassles you while in town and the kente weaving tour is a must-see while in country (whether at Adanwomase or not is, I suppose, up to the reader). We got very reasonable souvenirs (Kente strips at 5-8GhC, coin purses for 3GhC, etc) and learned from our informative tour guide, Seth, all about the process.

Steven Fox

Steven Fox


It was an easy walk to the Visitor’s Centre because of the signboards directing me. It was probably one of the most straightforward trips I have made, without the need for asking anyone for directions. The guide explained to me that this was due to the community based ecotourism which was implemented in the village and the people were taught how to act towards tourists and not to harass them.

William Sanders

William Sanders

University of Toronto, Canada

It was certainly the most structured tour that I have been to in the Ashanit region and I advise volunteers to go there if they really want to learn about kente and they have a thorough look at a small village.

Linda Moore

Linda Moore

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