Potting traditions in northern Ghana form a continuum with those across the borders into Burkina Faso to the west and north, Ivory Coast to the west and Togo to the east. Languages and people cross these borders (for instance Lobi and Dagaaba into Burkina Faso and Ivory Coast), and traders bring pots to peripheral markets (e.g. Basari traders from Togo to Tatali

market, Northern Region). Potting is a specialist skill practised mainly by women, but in 1964 and the 1970s it was also the second profession of men in the Yanga, Busanga and Bimoba ethno-linguistic groups of the north-east, farming being the first. Male potters of those three cultural groups across the border in Togo may be thriving, but in 2007 in the north-east of the Upper East Region of Ghana during our very brief visit to Widana we found only a couple of elderly Yanga men who had retired from potting. Barbara Priddy in her 1970/71 reports describes the techniques of male potters in this area as being very different from those of women, although both might be working in the same communities, as amongst the Bimoba. Unfortunately she had no camera to record the differences.

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