Education in Adanwomase

Education is the key to development. 

The inhabitants of Adanwomase knew this as far back in 1937 and built its own community school by using thatched structure and ran it. However, its erratic nature came to an end in 1939 when Catholicism or the catholic (faith) church Before the year 1960 and after, many scholars had sprung up in Adanwomase. There were many scholars’ students in the secondary, technical, commercial, teaching and nurses training institutions and other high schools. Some even managed to enter the universities and one Amma Serwaa became a lecturer at the university.came to the town and started school officially. Since that time the people have been giving every effort all kinds of schools that come to the community. In 1953 a middle school finally came to the town to save the town’s pupils from traveling to far places to receive the continuity of their schooling.Presently, there are several basic schools in Adanwomase and a Government Senior High School. Private Schools exist alongside the public ones in the town.

Adanwomase Senior High School

1. Roman Catholic Primary School 

The oldest school that first came to Adanwomase. Many scholars from Adanwomase had their basic education in this school. The School has Nursery, Kindergarten and primary. It has a number of pupils on roll. It is a mixed sex school.

2. The District Assembly Junior High School:

Formally it was Adanwomase Local Authority Middle School established in 1953 to cater for pupils who had finished their primary school education and wanted to have the middle school education. The school served only pupils from the Roman Catholic Primary school but pupils from the surrounding towns like Wonoo, Safo, Kassem, Bamang, Asonomaso and other places. At that time middle schools were not common to attend. The school’s first batch passed out in 1956 and had good results in the then middle school leaving certificate examinations. It is a mixed sex school.

3. The Seventh Day Adventist School (SDA).
This school was established in 19.. The founder was one Kwakye Tannoh after whom the school had been named. There is a nursery, kindergarten and primary. A junior high school is attached. The school is a public school. There are quite a number of pupils in the school. It is a mixed sex school.

4 Christ International School.

This is a private school which was re-established on the 4th September 2007. The school aims at becoming a great centre for academic excellence for pupils around Adanwomase. It has a Crèche, Nursery, Kindergarten, Primary and Junior High School. There is no boarding. It is a school for both sexes.

5.Beloved Child International School.
It is a private school and has only up to the primary level. The school also aims at becoming a great center for academic excellence. It is also a mixed sex school.

6.Modern Star and Community Preparatory School.
This school too is also a private school established in2002. The proprietor is one Thomas Antwi. The school has the nursery, kindergarten, primary and Junior School. There is no boarding. The school also aims at becoming a great center for academic excellence. It is also a mixed sex school.

7. Adanwomase Senior High School.
This is a secondary school which was first started by the community as a private one in 1973. The school struggled initially between life and death until 1977 when the Government stepped in to save the school. The government was enticed with vast school land before she recognized the school and took over. The first headmaster sent in by the government was one Mr. Anyinam.

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