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At such a short distance away from Kumasi, this is a great village to visit! NOBODY hassles you while in town and the kente weaving tour is a must-see while in country (whether at Adanwomase or not is, I suppose, up to the reader). We got very reasonable souvenirs (Kente strips at 5-8GhC, coin purses for 3GhC, etc) and learned from our informative tour guide, Seth, all about the process.

Steven Fox

Steven Fox


It was an easy walk to the Visitor’s Centre because of the signboards directing me. It was probably one of the most straightforward trips I have made, without the need for asking anyone for directions. The guide explained to me that this was due to the community based ecotourism which was implemented in the village and the people were taught how to act towards tourists and not to harass them.

William Sanders

William Sanders

University of Toronto, Canada

It was certainly the most structured tour that I have been to in the Ashanit region and I advise volunteers to go there if they really want to learn about kente and they have a thorough look at a small village.

Linda Moore

Linda Moore


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They have been making kente cloth since the 17th century in Adanwomase, the royal weaving village for the Asante king. Around half the population of Adanwomase is involved in the making of kente, with weavers showing great pride in their work and often creating personal designs. Visitors are welcome in Adanwomase, which offers guided tours and a chance to buy your very own piece of kente cloth. The weaving tour includes a visit to the community kente workshop, where guests can try their hand at thread spinning, warping, and weaving, as well as a trip to the village shops to buy kente products and other crafts. The tour continues to the chief’s palace, the traditional healer’s shrine, the oldest house in the area (over 300 years old) and a cocoa farm and finishes up at a forest shrine. Visitors can also choose to go on a culinary tour of local farms, take part in palm wine tapping or learn to cook traditional Ghanaian dishes. An evening of dancing, drumming, and storytelling by a cultural troupe can also be arranged.

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